Contractor Center
Any Owners, planning construction work in their unit, are required to complete, review & sign  (or have their contractor complete) The required documents before sending the request to the building manager.
These steps need to be completed before management approves the request and allows workers into the building.
1. A completed Contractor Worksheet,  signed by both the owner and contractor,  (including any detailed plans, schedules and copies of building permits if required) (sample)
2. The Contractors Proof of Insurance. (COI) showing Portland Plaza as certificate holder. (sample)
Contractor Worksheet 2022
Rules for Contractors (requires signature, Front desk can provide copies if needed) 
Management will use the below checklist to confirm the receipt of the needed forms. 
Construction Checklist, (used by manager to ensure receipt of proper documents, prior to beginning each project).
Loading Dock/Elevator reservations
Standard 2 bedroom floor-plan diagram.
Basic Mech floor plan.
Basic Elec floor plan.
Basic Plumbing plan.
Rules for Owners, -for repairs/remodels/workers in the building (please read if you are planning any construction projects)
Please be aware:
Owners shall only engage contractors who are adequately bonded and insured for the work and who have a current license that is issued by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board and that is properly endorsed for the work to be performed for any work for which such a license is required by Oregon law.