Management Company Info.
Front Desk Security (on-site 24-hour assistance)
Dale Witham       
Building Manager
1500 SW 5th Ave | Portland OR, 97201
Phone:503-228-6569  Fax: 503-274-9513
Laura Goulet, CCM
Senior Community Association Manager
4915 SW Griffith Dr, Suite 300
Beaverton, OR  97005
Tel: 503-222-3800 
Portland Plaza Owners
Bluestone Community Association Management (CAM) assumed management on July 1, 2023.
Owners can login to their HOA account at the Bluestone online portal.  
Bluestone provided information on account activation in "Navigating Your New Online Portal."
To activate your portal, contact Bluestone's CAM department and request access.  A team member will send you an email with a link to activate and access your portal.  The team can be reached by phone (503-222-3800), by email:, or by submitting a request through the Bluestone website:  (Select "Payment Portal", then "Need to set up an account?" from Bluestone's main page.)
The owner portal requires an email address. 
NOTE: if you own more than one unit, you MUST request an activation link for each individual unit.  These will be connected automatically when the same email address is used for all accounts so you can easily toggle between them.
Payment options:
On the Bluestone portal, you can view HOA account information and find options to pay your monthly HOA dues: credit or debit card (fee applies), bank bill-pay, or e-check (ACH bank withdrawals, one-time or recurring).  
Bluestone can also accommodate checks.   
1.     If you can mail a check – Checks need to be made out to your Association (Portland Plaza).  Account number needs to go in the memo section on your check (account number listed on front page of welcome letter located in Dale’s office or receipt via USPS, then mail to:
 PO Box 7139, San Francisco, CA 94120-7139
2.     Or use Bill Pay with Your Bank - This is where you go online to your bank account or into your bank and set up a monthly payment.   Payment should be made out to Portland Plaza, account number needs to be on the check in memo section and mailing address is PO Box 7139, San Francisco, CA 94120-7139.