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Front Desk Security (on-site 24-hour assistance)
Dale Witham       
Building Manager
1500 SW 5th Ave | Portland OR, 97201
Phone:503-228-6569  Fax: 503-274-9513
Seth Shade
Portfolio Manager
1221 SW 10th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205
Tel: 503-334-2198 
2022, HOA dues:  Last year, all owners chose 1 of the 3 options below.. Here is what you should know for each option, regarding payments for 2022. 
If you completed the form and provided BPM with a canceled check in 2021, then BPM processes your payments via "ACH" and it will update automatically. (no action needed)
If you use your bank’s “BillPay” system,  please contact your bank (or thru their website) and update your payment amount for the January 1st payment. It is recommended that you update the info no later than December 20th.
If you set up Paydici, you will also need to sign-in and update the payment amount in time for the January payment.
Payment options:
If you choose to set up automatic withdrawal (ACH Direct Debit) through BPM please fill out the form, and return it, along with a voided check. (here is a link to the form)
Return forms to Ballas & Partners Inc, 1800 SW 1st Ave, Portland Or, 97201.  (or drop it of with me)
You can also scan and email the "direct debit" forms and a copy of a voided check, directly to Accounts Receivable, Lynette Watkins,
BPM also uses PAYDICI,  you are welcome to set up an account with them.
(set-up requires a BPM Account Number,  You can request your account # from the site manager)
If you are making your payments through an on-line banking check service or if you write the checks yourself, please mail checks, to:
Portland Plaza, c/o BPM HOA Management,  PO Box 52992, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2992. 
Checks should be made payable to "Portland Plaza HOA", and please clearly write your unit number or BPM account number on your check.