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Patricia Jones
Operations Manager
PAYMENT OPTIONS: Please note that the payment addresses and payment portal will be changing at the 1st of the year. More info when available.
1.  Personally mailing a check. The address to mail a check to, is: 
New info coming soon!!
2.  If you use your bank's Bill Pay system, it also generates a check that they will mail to that same address. Please make sure that your unit number is entered in the spot where they ask for the account number in the bill pay system (all units are set up as four numbers; unit 105 would be 0105). If you are asked to enter a phone number, feel free to use the office number 503-228-6569. Again, the address that you must enter or provide your bank is:
New info coming soon!!
3.  For those who like the convenience of having this all take place automatically, Coast has set up (via a third party) a payment portal. The website to set up the automatic payments is: New info coming soon!!
Once you have an account set up you can login and modify it at any time. (Again, all units are set up with four numbers. So unit 105 would be entered as 0105).
With any of the payment options you can combine the Curtain Wall SMSA, the Podium SMSA, Interior Renovation SMSA, bike rentals, any other assessments, and your HOA dues into one check or payment.