The Association updated its artwork in 2019 with photographs by Portland professionals.
PushDot Studio framed the Bridge Series (  View, ponder, interpret, and enjoy!
"Awakening", Photographer Rob Etzel
The Rose City awakens to a promising autumn sunrise while a blanket of fog covers the city east of the Willamette River.
Portland has many colorful sunrises, and quite a few autumn mornings filled with dense fog.  But only on rare occasion does a combination of spectacular pre-sunrise color reflect on the underside of the high clouds, with just enough pillow-like fog settling low over the east side, to provide unobstructed views of the city skyline and majestic Mount Hood.  That was the case on this very cold morning in late October 2015.
It took photographer Rob Etzel numerous pre-dawn attempts to finally capture this memorable view.  The image is a composite panorama of 15 high-resolution photographs at 70mm focal length.  Shorter exposures were used for the bright pre-sunrise sky, and longer exposures for the city skyline.  The lowest ISO settings were set to preserve the color fidelity and detail of the scene from the darkest shaded trees to the bright city lights and the sun below the horizon.  The final image represents the dynamic range as close to what the human eye and brain perceives.

"Steel Bridge", Photographer Stan Hellmann
"Tilikum Crossing", Photographer Stan Hellmann
"Union Station and Fremont Bridge"
Photographer Mitch Schreiber
"Hawthorne Bridge in Spring"
Photographer Mitch Schreiber
"Hawthorne on a Foggy Monday Morning"
Photographer Djambel Unkov
"Marquam Bridge" 
Photographer Mitch Schreiber
"Foggy St. John's Bridge at Sunrise"
Photographer Terence Lee